“It was a poor, dirty, even shabby village – but I would love to put a diadem on her head.”

Eugénio de Andrade

A Mission

SWark’s Mission is to find the Historic House and the Rehabilitation specialists that will materialize the House of your dreams, contributing to the rebirth of our Historic Cities. Swark’s Values ​​are Trust and Respect for your interests, your individuality, and the heritage value of each House. SWark’s Vision is to remain the leader in its niche market, reinventing itself to provide you with the most authentic, exclusive, and personalized way to find the Home of Your Dreams. 

A Lifestyle

Swark is your gateway to a unique and exclusive lifestyle. It is the safe path to an investment with guaranteed future appreciation. It is the privilege of inhabiting a masterpiece of architecture, of symbiosis between ancient and contemporary, local and cosmopolitan, tradition and innovation. It is the opportunity to live in a unique and inimitable piece, full of fascinating details from the past and personalized especially for you. 

A Cause

With SWark, you are participating in the rebirth of our cities, giving them back safety and quality of life. You are continuing history, preserving the heritage of our ancestors, and preventing the disappearance of traditional building arts. You are being environmentally responsible, saving natural resources for future generations. And you are contributing to initiatives that promote urban rehabilitation, as SWark will donate a percentage of the fees to associations such as APPRUP and Just a change. 

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