“I belong to these houses, to these streets, to this love oozing melancholy.”

Eugénio de Andrade

In 2007 I became the owner of a house in the Historic Center of Porto, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which was empty and decadent at the time. Shortly after, like many young Portuguese architects, I emigrated. Distance reinforced my awareness of the wasted potential of this marvelous city. Saudade gave me the courage to try to improve that reality. 


In 2010, SWark was born, bringing real estate buyer’s agency service to Portugal, with the mission of helping the few who ventured to buy, redesign, and renovate a historic house in Porto. For ten years, I witnessed the exponential increase in the demand for historical properties, seeing the exceptional value of what has always been SWark’s preferred niche recognized. 


2020 was a year of introspection and enabled me to become aware of the unique value of SWark’s attentive and personalized consultancy work. Nowadays, I assume the intrinsically premium character of its service. And I continue to write its history, maintaining respect for my Clients’ wishes and for my country’s architectural heritage, which made SWark the trusted brand it is today. 

If you share my passion for historic homes and want to find the one you dreamed of, count on me to help.
Count on my vision and competence.

Being an Architect, I foresee what a building can turn into, and I choose those with the best architectural potential to materialize your dream home. I know the urban projects that will impact its future value, the specific legislation on rehabilitation, the conservation areas and local entities which will determine if it’s possible to expand a house, to create a garage or a terrace to enjoy the view over the city. 

Count on my empathy and persistence.

I dedicate myself exclusively to you, taking on the mission of finding the house you are dreaming of. I am the person who will defend your interests as mine, before owners and real estate agencies. I am the person you can trust, who understands and respects your priorities, and who, no matter how specific your wants or needs are, doesn’t give up until making your dream come true. 

Count on my knowledge of the territory.

I live and work in the center of Porto. I walk through its streets daily and I personally visited hundreds of its buildings. I am the right person to recommend the most suitable areas for your lifestyle, because I know by heart the character of each neighborhood its schools, commerce and services and which streets have the best panoramic view or the most fantastic gardens. 

Count on my added value in trading.

My postgraduate degree in Real Estate Valuation and systematic monitoring of the evolution of market prices since 2010, my experience in negotiating several properties, and knowledge of the constructive specifics of historic buildings, as well as the implications of their patrimonial classification, allow me to advise the value for your purchase offer – so that your dream house is also a good deal. 

Count on my network of contacts.

For years I have assembled teams of rehabilitation specialists around the goal of breathing new life into various historic properties. It is a complex process, in which specific knowledge and experience are indespensable for everything to run in the best way, and it is essential to have skills that only years of practice can guarantee. After purchasing your home, I will be happy to share with you the professionals who will treat her with all the respect she deserves. 

Count on a memorable experience.

I dedicate myself exclusively to each personalized survey so that I can listen carefully to your wishes and needs, understand your expectations and priorities and clarify each of your questions. I visit all the properties that may interest you and share with you in real-time those with the most potential. I love creating special moments of celebration at every step of the process to provide you with a unique experience that will last a lifetime. 

Tell me, what is your dream home like?
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