“Of a house being almost people, thinking, waiting for us as much as we want it”

Valter Hugo Mãe

SWark Method

Swark has developed an exclusive and personalized search method, thinking of you, who still haven’t been able to find the right property for Your future Home, who have a busy life, or who are not in Portugal. It is a process perfected for years to give you access to those rare properties whose unique characteristics meet very specific selection criteria: yours. 


The first step in finding your historic property is the Wishlist. It is a questionnaire that gathers all Your needs and preferences regarding the future House, from the location to the architectural language or the solar orientation. Your Wishlist is unique and unrepeatable, reflects your individuality and unique lifestyle, and serves as my compass throughout. 

Personalized Visits

The next step is an Experience Visit, face-to-face or virtual, to internalize Your priorities. Then I personally visit the properties available on the market that fit Your Wishlist and share them with you through photos and videos. Once your favorites have been selected, I organize Personalized Tours so that you can meet them in person. And to make your choice easier, you will receive a detailed Portfolio of each of these special properties. 

Negotiation Support

So that purchasing your dream home is also a good investment, I put my Real Estate Appraisal skills at your disposal. Regardless of the asking price for the property, I assess its market value for the acquisition offer, carrying out the Negotiation strategy that guarantees that you buy Your home at fair value and not at an inflated price. 

Property Acquisition

Whether you are in Portugal or abroad, SWark supports the purchase of your historic home. So that everything happens quickly and safely, it gives you access to specialists who check the state of conservation of the building, credit intermediaries with the best financing solutions, and lawyers who analyse the documents, write the contracts and inform you about applicable tax benefits. 


And because important events must be celebrated, with SWark you will always enjoy special moments throughout the various stages of the process. From visits to relevant historical places to local gastronomy experiences, as well as offering souvenirs linked to Portuguese culture, SWark will transform the purchase of your historic home into a unique and memorable experience. 

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